fredag 25. juli 2008

.: back home from my vacation:.

Just have to say WOW! seriously, I mean, I had such a GOOD time! I met my very good friend Nina, whom I stayed at, and Caroline! It was sooooo cool to meet you again girl, and Caroline I met for the first time! she is so sweet! Thank you so much for letting me stay at your house, Nina! Love you! And!!!!

I met Ingvild Bolme! She is the cutest person ever! So Ingvild, maybe you'll read this, so I have to say,- Girl! you are truly one of a kind! I have really appreciated all your kind words here in my blog, like the last post here, and speaking to you in person! Makes me giggle when I think of all the things we discussed, and laughed about! I really hope to meet you again sometime! You are truly one wicked scrapper! Keep it up, I'm amazed everytime you post something new! Now I have to really look at all my pic, all the suuupercool things I've bought and have something to eat! been 'on the road' all day, I pretty tired! And I've realllllly misses my cuties back home! I'll post some pics from my trip later! just have to get them on my pc and unpack my things!

Here is my shopping, btw! i'm gonna go craaaaaaazy!!!

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Nina B. sa...

takk i like måte for noen knallbra dager snuppa! Utrolig koselig å se deg igjen! Håper det ikke blir så lenge til neste gang ;o)

I loooooove shoppingen! Men det vet du jo! tjihi!