tirsdag 1. april 2008

April fools and...foggy weather

SO! (I'll try to continue my english writing..)

This day started with my usual nausea...I'm soooo sick and tired of it! soon I'll end up in a padded room, or something.. (tjhihi!)

Weell, my kids are safe and sound in the kindergarten, and I'm spending my day scrapbooking and just relaxing..
Today I don't believe anyone, for a second, just so you know. So if anyone have important info about anything, please say it tomorrow! :lol:

Last night I won two auctions on Ebay...I said some time ago, that I'll never buy magic mesh..Well..I did.. (oups!)
Well, I'll probably use some, and save some for RAK's. (Random Act of Kindess)
And ofcourse, I really like dottie Ann mesh, so I won that too..
That is really cute I think! Can't wait to get it!
Did you spot that I've had Polish scrappers in my blog? That was so much fun! I even got a comment too! (I'm really glad that I have my good Polish friend, Eliza that helpes me with translations..)

Take a look at Marsza's georgeous books and other goodies! The blog is in Polish only, so enjoy the pics if you don't understand the words!

I wonder what we're having for dinner today.. any tips? Please?

Rask oppsummering på norsk! Jeg har gått over til å skrive en del på engelsk, så ev de stakkars folka som ikke kan språket fra 'verdens navle' Norge, også kan lese!;)

I dag trur jeg jaggu ikke på NOEN alså! så har du noe viktig å fortelle, si det i morgen!
nå får jeg hive meg rundt og scrappe litt her! har funnet et bilde fra jeg var UNG! hoh!

3 kommentarer:

Anne Bente sa...

hehe, her tror jeg heller ikke på nogen i dag, er på vagt hele tiden, ha en god aften :)

Trine {Triurine} sa...

hihi, godt det ikke bare er meg, da!;)

Marsza sa...

Dziękuje, że wspomniałaś o moim Blogu;) To bardzo bardzo miłe!
Postaram się kogoś oprócz Elizy poszukać, aby tłumaczył tekst, który piszę na Angielski!
Wczoraj odkryłam wasze Blogi a bardzo lubię tu zaglądać!