torsdag 3. april 2008

Another canvas picture

I really love making this pictures! It's so much fun!
Just splashing some acrylic paint on it, and playing with it!
I was not that happy with it at the beginning, 'cause it was a little funny colourwise..
So I smooshed everything together, and wiped off lots of paint with a kitchen towle.
And it was actually ok! I alsp added the cuuuutest birdy-rubons from Hambly!
I was first thinking of using the owle, but then it would look a little lonely..:lol:

Last night I was at minnefabrikken! We had such a good time! We ate cake and had a laugh!
It was Hildes birthday yesterday, so I bought her a green plant for her house. (One of those plants who never seems to die on you. perfect!)
I actually made a layout as well, just not sure if it's quite done yet..

Today I'm just hanging out at home.. (yeeey, so much fun...not.)
On saturday it's my darlings birthday, and I don't know what to get him!!!
Have a grate day!

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Jeane sa...

Så herlig denne var (og). Kjempeflott! Fine de rubons'ene fra Hambley. Likte dem godt, ja.
Ha en fortsatt fin helg! :)