tirsdag 16. mars 2010

.:S2M layout and a muffin:.

Got some new S2M papers, and they are really artsy and fun! I've made it pretty much C&S, the papers have it all. I've also added papyruspaper too, I loove it! I've also used alot of my leftovers on this one.


Yep, made another... I really love those cute muffins that Ingvild made this fantastic tutorial on! so I've made this from some scraps too, after alot of my DT stuff from TreL.


Jaaay! be creative!

søndag 14. mars 2010

.:Two more DT layouts:.

So I finally found the perfect pattern paper for this picture from last fall. Fancy pants have so many pretty ones! I loooove the vintage valentines collection! I got mine from TreL!

I just fell in love with these flowers that I made! Saw a tutorial on youtube how to make them, and I just can't stop! they are sooo cute! and really simple to make too!
And can you believe that jolees actually have something nice?? Yep! puffy glitter flourishes! I'm in loove!
Check out the treL blog for more supplydetails!

Have a creative week!!

søndag 7. mars 2010

.:New DT Lo and a card:.

A little babycard for some Danish Friends of us, living in Sweeden..LOL! They just had a little babygirl called Olivia Rigmor. Such a beauty!

I made this Lo like a week ago, but since I could not fint the transfer thingy, I just had to wait 'till it appeared.. I found it today. lucky me that I didn't toss it!

Anywaays, Trel.no send me some really goodies, and I got to play with it! I'm one lucky girl (woman??)!
I was abit shocked that I actually LIKED jolees... I've not before, let me just say!
but those pink puffy flourish things, you just gotta love'em!

I'll update my blog soon again, have some more stuff too..just need the final touch!
Have a fun and creative week!

mandag 15. februar 2010

.:I'm such a bad blogger:.

How fast did this past month go!? I mean, I feel like it's still the beginning of January, and now it's the midle of February! omg..
well, I did do some scrapping past month, but mostly it's been life and work happening here to be frank.

I managed to get to do three lo's for trel, and here it is:

Look in the trelblog for more details!

torsdag 14. januar 2010

.:3 layouts and one altered after eight box:.

I made this after eight box for our good friends Anne & Anders. A little something for inviting us for new years eve. really fun to make, and easy! used some olds scraps and flowers!


DT lo for TreL

My Little darling Tuva and her fantastic hair! It's so long now, she always says: 'Mummy, I look like a princess!' Cutie!


DT lo for Studio2Mers Creations

From my trip to Stavanger/Sandnes, fall '09. We went to Sola beach, suuuuch a lovely place! we had a small photoshoot there!

and another DT lo for treL
It's a picture from last summer, while it was so seriously HOT! unbelieveble!
Thea really loves her uncle Pål! :)

TFL! have a nice day!

onsdag 30. desember 2009

.:Finally some updates!:.

DT lo for s2m.

And two DT lo's for treL

Friendship Lo of Elin and myself.

This one is about my mother-in-law and her fight against cancer.
check out the TreL blog for more details and pictures!

onsdag 2. desember 2009

.:post-it book:.

Got some crazy-cool new papers from studio2mers, and I've made a post-it book for a very good friend of mine.

Inside I've stamped with the cuuuute new stamps and a norwegian one for friendship. (stempelglede.no)

Some closeups:

Fast to make, and they make a cute little present!
Aaaand, It's quite handy to have too!
Just hope my friend would like it!
Thanx for looking!

tirsdag 1. desember 2009

.:Studio Calico, matchboxes and some christmascards:.

Over at casakreativ we're so lucky to have Studio Calico as our sponsor!
I've made a LO of my girls having a good time in the 'ballroom'. (The SF papers is not from SC kit, but I had to have something behind it all, so..LOL!)


I've made some matchboxes this year, really fun to make, and fast! Not that much details and stuff on them, because they are sooo small...I think....! even this ones are the middlesized ones!

SOme Christmascards I've made:

♥♥Have a nice first of December everyone! It's Christmastime!!♥♥

søndag 15. november 2009

.:CasaLift and a Christmas house:.

Over at casakreativ, the DT scraplifted Hetal (who won a contest we had)
And here is my lift. It's all about the fantastic summer we had this year, like BBQ in the rain, and so on...LOL!


And this is my Christmas house I made for TreL.
I really had a grate time playing with fantasy snow and snow writer on this house!!

-Can you see the roses in the window?

The wreath is made of a yarn I had, and some small rosebuds and a little bow.
Christmas tree is just leftover ribbons with snow writer and fantasy snow on it. and I used he '*' from thikers LAX to make the star.

Simply LOVE those deers!! (You get them by the meter over at TreL)

Sparkly roof !

I really look forward to Christmas...

tirsdag 10. november 2009

.:Webster's pages LO and cards:.

TreL sent me some awsome papers! and alot of other jummyness too!
I've used webster's pages here, and I really love it! old pictures of Thea too! never thought I'd get to scrap them, to this is such joy!

Oh my...it's soon Christmas AGAIN! Where did the year of 2009 go?
I really look forward to the holidays this years, lets just hope we all stay healthy and well.
Last year was such a disaster...hospital and sickness all over..

I've also made some christmas cards too.

onsdag 4. november 2009


This month over at casakrativ.no we're sponsored by papirdesign!
Got some nice xmas-papers!
This is what I made:

Christmas ornament:

Box for my mum:

Another box:

And a simple card: