fredag 1. mai 2009

.:3ndy and freestyle *tjhihi*:.

Ok, so I tried to make a freestyle LO, how well it turned out, is a different story, ok??
Over at scrappehuset we are so lucky to have 3ndy papers as out sponsor this month! we got som really cute new papers to play with, and it's freestyle-month too..

I looove the papers! They totally rock! It's just my freestyle-attempt that sucks! LOL!

I quite love the birdies! and I finally got to use buttons again...I think It's soo hard to use buttons now...and I always used them before..oh well..
I think I'll stick to styles I can..LOL!

2 kommentarer:

Lillenala sa...

Jeg synes du takla det fint, jeg :) De 3ndy papirene er bare helt lekre. Stilig bruk av knapper.

Nina B. sa...

hei snuppa! Long time... Kjempekul LO, og superherlig bilde av tuva "fnisefrøken". Håper alt er bra med dere!!