onsdag 17. desember 2008

.: Feilfri?:.

Over at scrappehuset, it's time for a new 'alt om' again. This time We are so lucky to have Linda Salte! she is a huge inspiration, and a really talented scrapbooker!

Challenge was to make a LO about all those things that you are ashamed of, or not happy about.

Had to use a hambly as background too.

I didn't have a picture of all my flaws and stuff..so I decided to use journaling as my priority this time.

my journaling is about what I dislike about myself, and that list is one sad story. But after all, I'm pretty happy about my life, allthou there is things that I'd like to change.

some closeups:

(that vintage bookpage I got from Tone, itæs french and really cute! it's misted with glimmermist too! )

I also used a piece of and old (unused) stay-up! Thought the lace on it was so cute!

6 kommentarer:

Lula sa...

Du lager utrolig mye flott! Denne siste likte jeg godt! Tittelfont og alle de små detaljene;)

Marianne Hope sa...

Nydelig LO! En god jul til deg og dine!

Torill sa...

skikkelig utfordrende utfordring dette:-)
Flott LO iallefall! nydelige detaljer!

Tea sa...

Utrolig herlig LO. Skikkelig forseggjort, og detaljene er superfine! :)

Ulrica... sa...

Wow vad snyggt! =)

Ha en trevlig helg, kram

sam sa...

Hello Miss ! how come your art is always perfect ????! I love this !
I would like to wish you a mary christmas.
If you want,you can visit my new blog ... sorry, but my english is not perfect !!!!!