lørdag 14. juni 2008

.:My first 'Toffifee' box:.

well, We're going to a little party tomorrow, (actually, it's saturday now, so..today!)
and I was thinking of bringing this little gift for the host, right.. But had a hard time with comming up with a perfect thing to give. (or make, for that matter)

So I decided to alter a Toffifee box. So this is how it turnet out! pretty plain!
Easy to make, and everyone loves it! (the chockolate, I mean!)

The text says: 'thanx'.
The kiddos are going for a little vacation this weekend, my dad and his girlfriend is taking Tuva to Kristiansand Zoo this weekend, and my mum is taking Thea to the cabin. So they'll have a good time, both!
I guess we'll be sleeping like, forever on sunday! LOL!

I was at work today too, and it was really nice! gosh, I really miss working! Hope I'll get well this summer! That would be just grate! :D (I was so darn tired when I came home, that I fell asleep
on the coach for like 1 hour or so..)

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Linn sa...

Næææ så stilig, for en lur gaveide, og det ble kjempelekkert :D