mandag 12. mai 2008

No way! seriously!?

We went to Tønsberg today, visiting my mum, having a BBQ and playing with the kids and stuff..
Before we went, I went into the freezer and threw away lots of old food, -it just seems to stay there..(and infact some icecubes I made of pepsi max...! LOL)
(you know how it is, right?)
Well anyway, I put all that stuff in a bag, and handed it to my man..and I thought he went out with it, right...
Soo..we went off to my mum..and came home like 5 hours later..
-To this nasty pile of coke...on my wooden shit!
Thats not the shitty part... It had started to soak into my very light wooden kitchen! OMG! We had to unscrew the whole backpart of it and take it out...and clean under it..!
My god, I was so pissed wouldn't believe me..
well, I got it cleaned, and now I just HOPE it'll dry up... and never show..

This weekend has been quite busy! saturday I had a 'class' on Minnefabrikken, we made milkcartons. We had such a nice time!
The kids where at my fathers house, having a blast! So later that evening, we went out! (wow, thats been awhile..)
My SIL's brother's birthday! Quite fun! I just had two beers.. I'm such a boring person! LOL! But it was fun!

ooooh, and yesterday, we where at my in-laws on a little BBQ. The present arrived from the US on friday, så we had to drop it off. and he liked it! (FIL.)

oh wow, I really gotta shut up now! LOL!

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Silvana Franco sa...

Hi Trine!

I don't write in English, but I can read it. Your blog has been a success in Brazil! Your work is wonderfull, very criative! King regards!