tirsdag 15. april 2008

den årlige sommerfesten (The annual summerparty)

This one i've been moving alot lately. It just wouldnt' come together! seriously, I never make double pages..so it's probably why! *lol*

The pics is fram 2005, my BIL throws usually this grate party every summer. and this one really rocked! It was alo this party He was introdused to his Girlfriend ! (Therese in the picture, there!)

It's a lot of intern-jokes and humor here, but the short verson is that on these parties, all the guys have to do the dance called 'elgdansen' -straight translated as: 'The moose-dance'.

It's hysterical! I'm really sorry that I couldn't find the song on youtube..lol!

It's BBQ, summer, beer, drinks and lots of fun!

Did I mentioned drinks? *lol*

3 kommentarer:

Anne Bente sa...

wawwww og wawwww så meget flot der er kommet på bloggen din, ha en god weekend vennen :)

Kristina sa...

Igjen så mangler det bilder av deg da... :P

Anne Bente sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.