mandag 14. april 2008

Back home!

We came home about dinnertime last night, and picked up the kids. oh gosh! It was sooo nice to see them again! I had missed them so much!
We had a grate time, lots of snow and it was snowing both saturday and sunday.
Lots of jummy food, drinks and a REALLY comfy bed! i took alot of pictures, mostly of the place there.
here is some pictures. I love those icicles!

From the resort: outside.

This one is taken from our room.

The Ski lift.

And the resort.

And a little candle picture from saturday night. having drinks in the bar. but ofcourse no pictures of anyone of the guys we where with. I forgot to take any..(how is that even possible..)

on our way back on sunday, we drove by this really beautiful church in Uvdal. It's got this really cool Dragestyle.

And there was this really beautifil angel outside there too...Just had to capture it!

2 kommentarer:

Nora sa...

Så flotte bilder! Det siste med englen var nydelig<3

truskawka sa...

pressure foto !

but angel is ... wow... i can`t say aught... i love angel :)